Lea Holford

Clinical Psychotherapist and Clinical Psychologist, PhD

I have worked in Auckland for over 30 years as a psychotherapist and psychologist. My training was in San Francisco where I learned many approaches to healing. I try to offer methods suited to the individual and his/her preferences. Most people come with relationship problems, anxiety and/or depression.

Interpersonal psychotherapy and mind-body techniques, as well as standard cognitive-behavioural changes, help in these matters. I have also worked with many forms of mental and emotional illness and personality disorders.

I try to empower people to attend to their body wisdom and deeper intuitive knowledge through methods of inquiry, body-awareness techniques, and attention to non-verbal dimensions such as dreams, fantasies and somatic cues.

I have taught widely Jungian and Transpersonal Psychology and have special interest in cultural values. My BS degree was in International Relations and Sociology and my MA was in East-West Psychology, giving me a love for cross-cultural issues, comparative religion & mythology, and an appreciation for the arts & symbolism. My PhD was in Integral Psychology.

Please contact me by:
Phone: 022 106 1942 or (09) 372 3410
Email: [email protected]